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A picture is worth a hundred words September 28, 2010

Posted by Simon in Uncategorized.

It’s time to make this blog a bit more than just words. I’ve gathered together some pictures relating to ALH84001, hoping this will provide a bit of context and make things easier to imagine.

It’s also relevant because so much of the scientific dispute seems to boil down to interpretations of what people see in the meteorite – a certain feature might look like it’s biological to one person, but appear geological to another.

Here’s the source of it all – ALH84001. Surprisingly small, considering all the fuss it’s generated:

Here are some detailed shots (done mostly with electron microscopes) of the interesting features inside ALH84001. Some of the debate has been about whether these features are actually due to the way the samples are prepared before being imaged by the electron microscope, or whether they are due to bacterial contamination during the thousands of years the meteorite sat in the ice in Antarctica.

And here’s evidence of how much this controversy caught the public’s imagination – it has its own stamp!



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